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Picking the Right Pieces For Your Home on a Budget

Making your home look a million dollars doesn’t need to cost…a million dollars!

I have a general approach to decorating that involves:

  • Online research – whatever your guilty pleasure may be – Pinterest, Instagram, eBay – spend some time looking to decide either the look or the pieces you’re after.
  • Thrifting – there’s not much in life I enjoy more than scouting thrift stores (op shops) and vintage stores. Even if you can’t leave the house, you can go online (there are plenty of options now to buy secondhand online). There are SO many incredible bargains to be had by simply buying secondhand, and it's better for the environment.
  • Upcycling – I’m not talking about letting loose with the glue gun and lace, but getting the piece you want, or making the statement you want to make could be as easy as rolling up your sleeves and brandishing a paint brush. Here’s a Pinterest board to demonstrate how easy it is to add a lick of paint to create a standout piece in your home: 
  • Reliable budget retailers such as IKEA – these stores can be perfect for filling spaces with reliable but inexpensive furnishings such as lamps and rugs.

Some of our favourite budget pieces:

  • IKEA lamps – lighting can be expensive, and mood lighting is just so important to make your house feel like a home. IKEA has a fantastic range of lamps such as this one (pictured) which is my favourite lamp at home. By day it’s a sculpture, by night it throws beautiful, soft light creating ambience – and it only cost me about $20!

  • Bentwood chair – a timeless classic that suits a range of decorating styles. We picked up a full set of these as seconds because they had a few marks on the paint, but were otherwise brand new – then it only took hubby and I an hour to spray paint all 8 chairs a beautiful Cornflower Blue!
  • Vintage cane side tables – here’s an example: - There is SO much vintage cane available second hand these days. It adds real charm to your home and in any case, can you ever have too many side tables?
  • Tan leather sofa – I know what you’re thinking…’budget’?? But stick with me. Tan leather goes with EVERYTHING, so is versatile from a décor perspective. Plus leather generally just gets better with age, and is the perfect choice for a household with pets or kids (or both like ours!). Tan leather sofas are easy to find second hand so even though they still require some upfront investment, they can last a lifetime, so work out to be cost effective in the long run. Here’s a stunning example:
  • Hardwood timber dining table – easy to find second hand, also improve with age and last a lifetime. Do what I did and have a go at restoring one yourself with a bit of muscle, sandpaper and oil. Here’s some inspiration: 

Finally - given the proliferation of online shopping (even for secondhand), you no longer need to feel paralysed by fear of picking the 'wrong piece'. I'm constantly reselling items when I change things up a bit at home. You really can afford to have a bit of fun and try things out to see what works - you can always change your mind!


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