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FAQs - superseded

I don’t want my print to be adhesive, which one do I buy?

Any of them! Seriously, ALL of our prints are just like regular art prints (with a paper backing) which can be framed just like your average print.

Our prints ONLY become sticky when you peel off the backing paper – just think of a giant sticker.

Will my print be removable once I stick it to the wall?

Absolutely! We’ve worked really hard to create a product with just the right amount of ‘stick’ (or ‘tack’ as they say in the industry). So it should be easy peasy to apply to the wall (we even send simple instructions with your print, which you can read here), and even easier to remove - leaving your walls intact.

What’s the best way to frame my print? Can you make some recommendations?

A simple and cost effective way to hang our prints (if you don't plan to stick them to the wall) is with poster hangers which are sold in many places, including IKEA where they retail for about $10.

If you’re after something a bit more swish, we LOVE the poster hangers they sell at Corner Block Studio:

If you prefer to have your print framed the traditional way, many of our prints come in a standard A1 size (594mm x 841mm) so you can simply google ‘A1 frames’ to find one you like in your location (there are also a few options listed below). 

If you have purchased a print from us that isn’t a standard size, there are many online framers now which allow you to create your own frame online. Try googling ‘custom picture frames online’, or here are a few options depending on where you're based:

Australia: frame