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Installing your artwork

Surface information

Our colourful prints will stick to most surfaces, provided they are weather-resistant, smooth, clean and completely dry. Smooth plaster, glass and tiles are all ideal.

Surfaces that are not ideal are rough or uneven surfaces. Therefore, we don’t advise applying our artworks to bricks, textured plaster, suede painted walls, or very old plastered walls that may be uneven or cracked.

Also NOTE: our lovely artworks do not stick well to paints which contain teflon.

Preparing the surface

Any surface must first be made free of dust, so should be cleaned thoroughly and left to dry.


If you have trouble making your artwork stick, it may mean that the surface is not appropriate, so see our tips above to ensure you're following our guidelines.

If all seems tickety-boo, then it could be the temperature that's the problem, because our prints don't love the cold weather! Try using a hairdryer to gently heat the artwork (after you've applied it to the wall) to help it to stick, but don’t hold the hairdryer too close. Gently smooth the artwork to the wall whilst heating it with the hairdryer. The heat can sometimes help if the issue is cold weather.

Applying your artwork to the wall

Installing wall decals