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Cheer Up Art Print by Misha Blaise

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Bold use of colour is the hallmark of Misha Blaise's work. Multi-talented, Misha is also the author-illustrator of several books. This piece is a happy, joyful addition to any space.

Our prints are truly unique in that they can be framed the traditional way, or you can simply peel off the backing paper and stick them straight to the wall, just like a decal. We have incorporated a printed frame into each design to give it a finished look, and to ensure it looks just like a traditional art print when stuck to the wall.

Size: 600mm x 600mm (23.62 x 23.62 inches).

The print is fully removable once stuck to the wall.

If you don't plan to stick the artwork to the wall, you can frame it just like a print! For tips on framing our artwork, see our page Framing Your Artwork.

Gussy Dup art prints are colourful, affordable, removable wall decals that don't require framing. Particularly great for nurseries, kids' rooms, offices, cafes, or any spot in need of a splash of colour.