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Adrianne Hawthorne


Ponnopozz is the brand and studio of Adrianne Hawthorne.

Adrianne uses vivid colours and unexpected combinations to create wild, colourful acrylic paintings of plants and other botanicals. Adrianne uses colour as her main source of inspiration, and finds plants the perfect subject matter for colour exploration given their interesting textures and shapes.

Adrianne has a graphic design background but prefers making art with her own hands. Taking the bold leap out into the world with her own brand, Adrianne now achieves creative satisfaction she never achieved working in the corporate world.

Her brand, Ponnopozz, is named after two imaginary friends she had as a child (Ponno and Pozzer). The name is a daily reminder of the unbridled creativity she had as a child, and which she continues to nurture through painting and drawing.

Adrianne is currently based in Chicago, Illinois where she resides with her partner Seth and four (!) cats.