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Ella Blakey

Ella Blakey is an Istanbul based artist designing and making for her label EllaJo Studio. With an interest in fashion, an eye for colour and a love of exploring culture through textiles, Ella creates original artwork that celebrates the beauty of imperfections and the simple pleasures in daily life.

Her pieces have a laid-back simplicity and are influenced by the places she has lived and travelled. A love of nature and wildlife informs the use of colour and themes of her work. Women and femininity are important sources of inspiration for Ella, and often the starting point for her pieces.

Ella is originally from Manchester, UK, and has worked as a printed textile designer for various fashion companies in London, Stockholm and Istanbul for over 10 years. Her love of surface pattern is evident in the pieces she creates.

Ella paints primarily with watercolour and gouache paints, and mixes with digital illustration. For her large canvases, she paints in acrylic.