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Marianne Angeli Rodriguez

Marianne Angeli Rodriguez is an illustrator and painter now settled in charming southern Louisiana after 15 years living abroad in West Africa, Central America, Europe and Asia.

Her inspiration is drawn from world culture, ethnic textiles and the harmonious colours reflected in nature.

Marianne is interested in cultural diversity, rituals, symbolism, language and the ever-changing symbiosis within communities and nature. 

As a student of Buddhist philosophy, creativity is a healing and meditative practice for Marianne.  The imagery she creates is intended to highlight kindness, compassion, and the capacity to awaken in order to strengthen our Higher Selves, and hopefully to inspire an appreciation for the interconnectedness and serenity presented to us by Mother Earth. Although Marianne does not have any formal training in fine art, she feels compelled to create in order to remind herself and others of these virtues.

Marianne has three lovable rescue pets; a grey tabby cat and two staffy-mixes.