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Our unique display system

Buying art isn't like getting a tattoo, it doesn't need to be permanent and it should be fun.

So we've developed an art print that can be hung in various ways - frame it just like a normal print, or peel off the backing and stick it straight to the wall. Yep, it's exactly like a giant sticker - only you can remove it whenever you want without wrecking your paint job.

DIY framing

Gussy Dup art prints are easy to frame yourself - most pieces come in standard, off-the-shelf sizes so you can purchase ready-made frames or poster hangers.  

Stick ‘em up

Stick Gussy Dup art prints straight to the wall — they’re just like those cute kids decals for nurseries, but for adults.  Why should the kids have all the fun? They’re also fully removable, so great for renters.

Custom framing

Or you can choose to go with full custom framing. Gussy Dup pieces are beautifully printed, so they look especially good gussied up to the hilt.