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Creating a Colourful Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Colourful Affordable Easy-to-Hang Artwork

There's nothing that attracts attention in a home quite like a well-crafted gallery wall.  Here are my tips on putting one together:

  • Choose items that you love - nothing should be on the wall that you don't love or that doesn't hold some meaning for you.
  • Start with a central piece and work outwards from there.
  • Try to make the placement a bit organic rather than too precise (it shouldn't look like a grid).
  • Same/same but different. Take cues from each of the items to ensure some cohesion, but don't group items that are too alike (eg. if your artwork is framed, try to ensure there is some variation in the frames chosen).
  • Have fun with it and don't take it too seriously - if you're like me, your walls are constantly changing and most of the time take a long time (and many variations) before you feel you have a result you'd like to enjoy for awhile.

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