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Creating The Perfect Workspace


Maybe you work in an office with only artificial light. Maybe you don't have your own office, just a small spot in a shared space. Or maybe, in the age of COVID-19, your entire family competes for whatever space is available around the house.

There are so many things we can't necessarily control or influence - why not tweak the things you can to bring a little bit of 'you' into your space? 

So, the question is...what floats your boat? 

For me, it’s natural light, colour and living things.

If I can position myself to work in a spot near a window, then I will - natural light is really important to me. If the weather is fine, propping myself somewhere outdoors is even better - it doesn't feel like work when you're enjoying a bit of fresh air and sunshine!

I'm sure this comes as no surprise, but colour is absolutely VITAL for me to create an environment I feel comfortable in.  On my 'mood wall' are pictures I like - torn from magazines, received in parcels I've ordered (such as 'thank-you' notes written on the back of illustrated postcards), business cards with interesting images, and hand-drawn pictures done by the kids over the years. I even have my very first fortune cookie prophecy 'Your life will be happy and peaceful' tacked to the office wall, alongside a vending-machine Panda bear figurine I luckily 'won' on my first try whilst holidaying in Tokyo (I really wanted the Panda!).

Unfortunately, I tend to kill plants - so I like to cut flowers or leaves from the garden to add a bit of 'life' to my workspace. 

For desk organisation, I try always to use handmade items (such as vases or bowls) to organise and store things. The kids' school clay works come in handy here, as do ceramics thrifted from op shops and the like.

It may seem frivolous, but for me it absolutely contributes to my sense of happiness - and the more inviting the space, the more inclined I am to spend time in it! A big tick for productivity.

Here are a few of our favourite home workspaces, created by our colour-loving customers...





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